Our Ecosystem

Having our cryptocurrency as the basic element for transactions and agreements, our ecosystem focuses on generating income for developers and offering unprecedented benefits to users and partners who consume services, thanks to the use of Tokenomics.

Additionally, we work on the development of Membrane, a platform for developers and companies that help build blockchain-based apps and work on existing software that is aimed to integrate with blockchain technology.

Merge's Ecosystem Graph

We make available all the necessary elements needed to successfully transact and benefit from our Cryptocurrency, MERGE. These elements are those such as:

  • Wallet to send, receive and stake MERGE and manage MERGE masternodes.
  • Exchanges where to buy and sell MERGE. We include our own exchange in the list: MergeDEX.
  • Block explorers.
  • DNS seeders.
  • Blockchain Snapshots.
  • Blockchain Toolbox.

Developers are invited to build apps and any software solutions they wish to publish with us. These can be blockchain and non-blockchain based. Moreover, with the future release of Membrane, developers will have the opportunity to bring their ideas to the next level.

Your creations are transitioned, if not already, to Software as a Service that will be advertised to our users and partners.

Your services can be charged with subscriptions, via our Escrow Services using Tokenomics, or with one-time or commission-based payments.

You get paid by us for the services being used.

More details about our Escrow Services can be found on the ESCROW SERVICES tab.

Email us for more information or start publishing your creations.

Users and partners use software services. Services are offered in two different modalities:

1. Services that use Tokenomics: these are services that fully benefit you, as you do not lose the tokens you invest for the services being used. After making an initial deposit to secure a service, our Escrow Services are in charge of paying the developer of the service during a predetermined period.

Both the developer and yourself can agree to renew the service at the end of the time period. We will keep on paying the developer until he/she or you decide to not renew the service at the end of a period. At that moment, we return to you the tokens you invested. This way, your tokens are not spent and still belong to you.

More details about our Escrow Services can be found on the ESCROW SERVICES tab.

2. Services that require one-time or commission-based payments: these are services that do not require subscriptions, but rather a one-time payment, or e-commerce solutions that take commissions from purchases on the Web.

View our current catalog of Services.

In this whole ecosystem, we act as a third party between developers (providers) and users and partners (consumers), regulating the flow of funds in a given transaction.

This Escrow Service adds a layer of security to the transaction by keeping the tokens in a safe place, releasing it only when the terms of the agreement are met. Particularly, we act as the escrow agent, or trusted third-party, for holding MERGE tokens between the two transacting parties.

We pay on behalf of the consumer for the services being in use. The key concept is that, unlike other traditional escrow services, we pay the consumer's bills without touching her/his capital or principal amount. This is possible thanks to the token economics, or Tokenomics, that is being applied:

During the time of the agreement between the consumer and the provider, our Escrow Service stakes the consumer's MERGE tokens and places them in masternodes. These masternodes receive staking rewards for providing security and connectivity to Merge's blockchain.

These rewards, in turn, are used to pay the provider. Thus, we protect and make smart use of the consumer's invested capital.

The terms of the agreement can be extended by both parties, allowing the consumer unlimited use of the service. The consumer's invested capital is returned to the consumer once any of the two parties decide to not extend the terms of the agreement.

Membrane is our contribution for developers to build software that interacts with the blockchain. It is, more concretely, a set of protocols meant to provide seamless integration between blockchains and real-world applications by means of a common smart contract layer of abstraction. It is made for blockchains to interface with all the existing software, whether they are crypto-based or not.

Membrane extends the communication to regular applications in order to have them benefit from blockchain functionality. To reach that goal, it uses the smart contract implementations for each blockchain and exposes it to the applications in a type of high level language that emulates business logic processes.

The features of Membrane are:

  1. Multiple applications can communicate to each other through their blockchains, having Membrane as the common interface.

  2. Real-world applications can benefit from blockchain functionality by accessing them via Membrane, making them see smart contract functionality inherent to the blockchain as pure business logic.

Lastly, since Merge is a fork of Bitcoin, it facilitates the adaptation of Membrane to work on other blockchains that share the same Bitcoin inheritance. This proves a significant benefit for those blockchains, other than Merge, when they implement Membrane's protocol.

Membrane is currently on its inception days. We will share more details as soon as official documents and sources become available.

Our Services

View our current Software as a Service catalog. Among the different services offered, we provide several that help projects leverage main tasks related to their cryptocurrency.